Mural for Asian Buffet, Okemos.


I am serious Chinese food fan, this is the best Chinese Buffet in the Lansing Michigan area, Located across from Meridian Mall in Okemos Michigan.

The mural  is in the style of a 13th Century Chinese Painter.

Blondies Barn


If your in East Lansing Area (Haslett) for breakfast, it doesn’t get any better than Blondies. I am a vegan now but when I think back on a grand breakfast, Blondies has it hands down. Blondies did not have windows, so I painted some, looking out on (what might be) the barn’s surrondings.

Mural, Blondies Barn, Haslet Michigan


One of seven murals  in Blondies Barn.

Sahara’s Restaurant, Okemos Michigan

This mural of the Sahara desert ran down two sides of the restaurant. The owner did not want camels, wanted to keep it simple, arches and sand. He was very happy with the mural, it was Baklava for all.  Then we added the camels. …I need to take another picture!

Superior Grower’s Supply, Livonia Michigan


This was a big one. It required 3 stories of scafflolding and a scissor lift.

160 feet long and 28 feet high, starting 10 up, above the retail floor.

Tom’s Party Store Mural, Okemos Michigan


20 feet x 157 feet, painted in the heart of summer, lots of fun. Ready for a face lift, but the mural is 8 years old and still looking great.

Traveler’s Club Restaurant Mural, Okemos Michigan


The Traveler’s Club is gone now, it was an institution in the MSU area for many, many years. My mural is still there.

Traveler’s Club Mural


Me Painting when I was 80 lbs. heavier (bartering with all these restaurants!)